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Flowers and Cake Design Wilton Method Course

After completing Decorating Basics, Flowers and Cake Design is one of two additional Wilton Method courses you can choose. In Flowers and Cake Design, you’ll explore sophisticated ways to bring your cakes and desserts to life!

Your Wilton Method Instructor will teach you to create breathtaking icing flowers such as pansies, lilies and the famous Wilton Rose. Then, you’ll discover the secrets of arranging them in a beautifully balanced cake-top bouquet.

Your amazing flowers will be framed by an impressive boarder treatment or basket-weave design. With the skills you learn here and your ability to make flowers in advance using gum paste and fondant or royal icing, you can create beautiful blooms at your convenience, ready to place on any cake.

Course will be held on:

  • 12 - 15 February 2019 @ Toko ANI from 9 am - 3 pm

Topics covered in Flowers and Cake Design include:

* Basic Principles of Cake Design
* Gum Paste and Fondant 101
* Button Flower
* Pansy
* Making Royal Icing
* Making a Parchment Bag
* Flower Nail
* Rose Base, Rose Center
* Apple Blossom, Primrose
* Rosebud
* Daffodil
* Violet
* Using the Lily Nail, Lily
* Making Stems
* Guidelines for Flower Arrangments
* Floral Cake Design
* Reverse Shell
* Basketweave
* Wilton Rose

For more information about our Courses and to book a place, please do not hesitate to call our store at (021) 4211286 with Dian

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