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Demo with Jay Wong

Jay Wong is one of the leading Silikomart distributor in Malaysia. He has performed baking demonstrations in Malaysia as well as in Singapore, Taiwan, and China. He likes to travel around, meeting new friends in the Baking industry, and pursuing his love in baking and art of decoration. Book Silicone Sensation is his first bakery book published.

Woei Cheng is recognized as one of the shining stars in the pastry and culinary field. Do not get fooled by his young age and look. He has working in four local hotels for 4 years and selected into Malaysian Youth National Culinary Team.

Each session will be leaded by this 2 amazing people with the amazing taste and breath taking decorations. Because first impression always the first most important thing in bakery.

The goods news is, we are selling Book Silicone Sensation in our stores (Toko ANI and Bluebell). If you buy one book, you get free class and you can choose which one to take. Is it great? First buy the book, second get 1 free class with free knowledge and educations. As you know, knowledge and education are very expensive nowadays.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up, call us and sign up for these amazing program. You call and pay first to get front seat.

To call us for more questions, please contact us in 021-4253109 / 4211286 with Dian, Tari, or Freisco, 021-4517082 / 4517083 with Wiwi or Nunung. Or simply send us email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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For years we have been one of the largest Cake Equipment and Decorations Stores in Indonesia. We are a sole distributor for Wilton, PME, Silikomart, and FMM throughout the country. We are here to give the best original quality equipment, both edible and non-edible decorations and proven decorating classes.

We are here to help you taking a good look at our products we are able to offer. Come take a look and have fun!!