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How To Order

How to order:

  1. Find what you need and interested in. Read the details carefully for the sizes, colors, and shapes.
  2. Click "BUY" if you request in buying.
  3. When you are done shopping, look again inside the cart and make sure you got all you need
  4. If you wish to buy items in Product Variation, please place in the Notes Box the number item code or just Name / Color.
  5. Fill out the forms including: full name, delivery address, cell phone number, home phone number, and email address, as well as Notes if any.
  6. Choose which shipments you wish to send the goods. You have four choices:
    • Regular which takes 4 - 5 business days
    • Fast which takes 1- 2 business days
    • Certain land or sea shipping courier
  7. Wait for our Sales Quotation with delivery charges within 1- 2 business days.
    Note: Not every product in website is available, you will see in Sales Quotation which item is missing.
  8. If confirm, send payment by wire transfer (ONLY WIRE Transfer, No Credit Card accepted)
  9. Once received, we will send the goods. Normal shipping time is every Tuesday and Friday
  10. Read our Shipping policy or call for more details

Shipping policy:

  1. Minimum order quantity is Rp. 500.000 + delivery charges
  2. We usually send by Air using TIKI or JNE. Otherwise stated or special circumstances.
  3. Normal time of shipping is every Tuesday and Friday each week. If there is less order, we will send the goods once a week. If the orders are a lot, then we will send the goods more than twice a week.
  4. No return products are allowed.
  5. We always commit to do our best to pack the goods nice, neat, and safe from shipping damages. We also always check the goods before sending them out from our warehouse.
  6. Shipping by Air, there are some rules such as: liquid and flame-able products (gas spray, candles)
  7. We can't send ingredients such as: chocolate block, butter, whipping cream, etc.
  8. If you wish to pick up the goods, please let us know. There is no minimum order and you have several method of payment such as Cash on Pick Up, Credit Card, Debit BCA card, and Transfer a day before.

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to ask us by email or simply call.
We will be delighted to help you.

Happy Shopping!!